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At S.W.I.M.S. Storm Water Inspection and Maintenance Services, we provide all of the necessary services to make certain that your building remains compliant with all applicable zoning laws and regulations concerning stormwater management, maintenance, and pollution control.

The first step to ensuring full compliance with city and state regulations for stormwater maintenance is an inspection. After this inspection, our certified stormwater maintenance engineer may suggest a number of improvements to be made to ensure that stormwater is successfully and effectively drained without pooling or stagnating in the process, and will also provide an estimate for a maintenance plan.

The stormwater maintenance plan that S.W.I.M.S. Storm Water Inspection and Maintenance Services offers its clients is a one-stop solution for all stormwater-related compliance issues, and guarantees that you will remain fully compliant with state legislation concerning stormwater pollution. Our plan includes:

• Annual Cleaning
• BMP Site Inspection And Monitoring
• Annual Inspections
• Storm Filtration Maintenance
• Detention Ponds
• Street Sweeping
• Bioswales

Each of these plays an important role in making sure that unexpected storms do not cause water to stagnate and become a problem for public health. Orange County, CA is known for its proclivity for flash floods, and our certified compliance inspectors, applying the services we offer, will make sure that your property respects all of the necessary local regulations.

Whether you are a property owner with an existing stormwater maintenance program in place, or are building a brand-new property that will need to have maintenance services accounted for by the time your doors open, you can count on our certified technicians to keep you in the clear.

Simply reach out to us, and ask for a free estimate!

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