Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

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At S.W.I.M.S. Storm Water Inspection and Maintenance Services, one of our premier stormwater management solutions is the stormwater pollution prevention plan. Commonly referred to as SWPPP, this prevention plan is a construction site-specific written document that identifies and assesses three important elements of your stormwater management needs:

• Potential Sources Of Stormwater Pollution—The inspection of your construction site will identify each and every source of stormwater pollution on your property.

• Practices To Reduce Pollution Of Stormwater Discharge—The SWPPP will outline methods of reducing the amount of pollutants that come in contact with stormwater discharges running off-site, such as allowing greater amounts of stormwater to infiltrate the soil.

• Procedures To Comply—The document identifies a series of steps that must be taken to comply with the terms and conditions of your construction permit.

The stormwater pollution prevention plan is critical for construction sites that wish to avoid incurring significant fines from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Full compliance with the EPA’s construction site guidelines, especially concerning stormwater pollution in Orange County, CA, is necessary to ensure that you do not attract their attention.

If you are running a construction site and are in need of a written stormwater pollution prevention plan, you are encouraged to contact our certified inspectors at S.W.I.M.S. Storm Water Inspection and Maintenance Services. We offer certified maintenance plans and best management practices along with our plans in order to help you make the most of your pollution prevention endeavors.

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